Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies: Teaching in GWS

Joining GWS Faculty: Affiliate

Affiliate faculty are university faculty who, regardless of home department, college, school or rank, are officially affiliated with the GWS community through recognition of qualified scholarship, teaching, training and/or other GWS-related university involvement. 

Joining GWS Faculty: Standing

Standing GWS faculty are a subset of GWS affiliated faculty who teach more frequently in the GWS program and share a larger responsibility for service to GWS, including expectations for regular attendance at GWS meetings.

Proposing a Course

Proposing course guidelines. Note: If you are not already a member of the ASU GWS Faculty, please see the info under faculty to learn about what paperwork to submit along with your proposal. 

Program Governance 

A. Multiple tiers of GWS involvement: affiliate faculty, standing faculty, shared/joint faculty, GWS director.
B. Statement on searches
C. GWS committee restructuring: GWS Steering Committee; GWS Curriculum Committee
D. Statement on shared/jointly appointed faculty regarding SCH
E. Statement on voting privileges for 50/50 jointly appointed faculty