Design Your Future

Design Your Degree

Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDS) program design their own degree.

This degree, as a BA or BS, is effective for students interested in emerging fields or who want to remain open to changing career plans.

Many students pursue this major because they are interested in an academic program that is not currently offered at Appalachian or is not fully represented by any single discipline.

IDS majors work with faculty to individually design a degree and to select courses from across campus to achieve their academic goals.

We seek students who are

  • Self-motivated
  • Passionate about a subject that crosses disciplines
  • Interested in a major that is not offered at Appalachian State University

If this sounds like you, contact us.

Dr. Maria Pramaggiore, Department Chair



Example Self-Designed Degrees

Documentary Film
Medical Communication
User-Centered Design
Deaf Studies
Sustainable Apparel
Residential Design
Sports Leadership
Non-profit Management
Pre-medical Sciences

IDS majors share their experience



Miranda IDS alum

Chris - IDS Alum