Joining GWS Faculty: Affiliate

Fall applications for GWS faculty affiliation are due November 15. Spring applications for GWS faculty affiliation and for renewal of GWS faculty affiliation are due April 15.

Affiliate faculty are university faculty who, regardless of home department, college, school or rank, are officially affiliated with the GWS community through recognition of qualified scholarship, teaching, training and/or other GWS-related university involvement. GWS faculty affiliates may teach cross-listed courses in their own department that “count” for GWS programs of study; and/or may teach GWS-prefixed courses in their academic subspecialty.

GWS affiliates may also attend GWS meetings, serve on GWS committees, work with students, and/or organize programming, etc. Affiliate faculty status is approved by the GWS Steering Committee and GWS Director.

Affiliate faculty possess the following qualifications:

  1. Recent scholarly achievement (at least one product, published or forthcoming, within the past five years) related to feminist, gender and/or sexuality studies demonstrated by peerreviewed publication and/or juried creative activity; AND
  2. At least ONE of the following:
    1. Significant experience teaching courses with content and methods consistent with gender, women’s and/or sexuality studies; OR
    2. A graduate degree in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (or, especially for those with terminal degrees granted prior to 2008, significant coursework in gender, women and/or sexuality studies); OR
    3. Significant participation in seminars and institutes (such as those sponsored by an entity like NEH) designed to promote feminist, gender and/or sexuality studies scholarship and/or pedagogy; or significant participation in disciplinary-specific and/or interdisciplinary feminist, gender and/or sexuality studies professional organizations or caucuses; OR
    4. Significant community engagement (activism, educational initiatives, volunteer service, etc.) that forefronts issues/practices relevant to feminism, women, LGBT persons, etc

In almost all cases, GWS courses are taught by members of the GWS faculty. However, in exceptional cases individuals (such as visiting instructors and adjuncts) who meet the criteria for GWS faculty status can be approved by the GWS Director to offer a GWS course(s) for a maximum of one academic year. Subsequently, in order to continue teaching courses that count for the GWS major, minor and/or graduate certificate, these individuals must apply formally for GWS faculty status and, if approved, their courses would be eligible for consideration for GWS credit.

In order to maintain active Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies faculty status, every five years (in the year of post-tenure review) faculty should send an updated CV and cover letter addressing the above points.

We encourage interested faculty to apply to join our community of active scholars. Please send applications for appointment and renewal to by the deadline specified above.