Departmental Scholarships

Appalachian Studies Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Cratis D. Williams Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Appalachian Studies Endowment
  • Do Unto Others Scholarship in Appalachian Studies  (graduate)
  • Dr. Carl A. and Charlotte T. Ross Scholarship (graduate or undergraduate)
  • Anne and Alex Bernhardt Endowed Scholarship in Appalachian Music  (graduate concentration or undergraduate minor in Appalachian Music)
  • Edward J. Cabbell Endowed Scholarship in Appalachian Studies  (graduate for research/travel)
  • William C. Friday Research Fellowship in Appalachian Studies (graduate)
  • William C. Lindley, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for the Center for Appalachian Studies (graduate)

Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies

  • Frances Holland Black Endowment for Women's Studies

  • Maggie McFadden Fund for Women's Studies Student Development

Watauga Residential College Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships and Programs

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

Nationally Competitive Scholarships