Joining GWS Faculty: Standing

Standing GWS faculty status for faculty who are already GWS affiliates. Standing GWS faculty are a subset of GWS affiliated faculty who teach more frequently in the GWS program and share a larger responsibility for service to GWS, including expectations for regular attendance at GWS meetings.  Because of their greater involvement in GWS matters, standing faculty can vote on GWS policy and other changes and can elect members of committees, where applicable.  Standing faculty are eligible to apply for shared/joint appointments and, if tenured, are eligible to apply for the position of GWS Director. Standing faculty status is approved by the GWS Steering Committee and GWS Director.

Standing faculty possess the following qualifications:

  1. GWS affiliate status; AND
  2. Ongoing scholarly achievement (more than one product, published or forthcoming, in the past five years) related to feminist, gender and/or sexuality studies demonstrated by peer-reviewed publication and/or juried creative activity; AND
  3.  Recent, ongoing experience teaching courses with content and methods consistent with gender, women’s and/or sexuality studies, demonstrated by having taught GWS or cross-listed classes in the past 3 years or will teach in the current year; AND
  4. A graduate degree or graduate certificate in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (or, for those with terminal degrees granted prior to 2008, significant graduate coursework in gender, women and/or sexuality studies, or, for those with terminal degrees granted prior to 2003, other significant evidence of training in content and methods consistent with gender, women's and/or sexuality studies.)