Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies: Alumni

"My GWS was SO beneficial in building a really strong foundation for my current studies. I am so thankful for that integrated learning experience that exposed me to such a wide breadth of knowledge and sparked my interests in so many new subjects." - Graduate, Class of Spring 2019 (Leah Wingenroth). Leah is currently studying Contemporary Liturature, Culture and Theory at King's College, London.

We are proud to be the oldest program in the UNC system and the second oldest in the state and we have fantastic alumni. If you are a graduate of our program, please contactDr. Emily Lutenski, to give us your current information and to tell us about what you are doing now.  

“This Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies Program means everything to me. Learning about theoretical frameworks of gender, race, class, dis/ability, and sexuality is how I found my passion in advocacy work. I grew to learn not only about other people’s valuable complexities and histories, but my own identities as well and how they work within a matrix of power and oppression. While I am currently working towards receiving my Masters in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies at another institution, this program has the complete responsibility for guiding my passion and drive towards intersectional justice.”  - Graduate, Class of Spring 2017 (Vannah Aldridge)