Dr. Heather L. Ondercin

Dr. Heather L. Ondercin joined Appalachian State University and the Department of Government and Justice Studies in 2019.  Dr. Ondercin holds a joint Ph.D. and M.A. in political science and women’s and gender studies from the Pennsylvania State University.  Her research focuses on how social identities translate into partisan identities in the United States.  Her primary area of research and teaching are American political behavior, political psychology, and gender and politics.  Her research has been published in Political Research QuarterlyPolitical Behavior, Electoral Studies, Social Forces, Mobilization, American Politics Research, and Gender & Politics.

Recent GWS Scholarship: 

Ondercin, Heather L. 2020. “Marching to the Ballot Box: Sex and Voting in the 2020 Election Cycle” The Forum. 18(4): 559-580

Ondercin, Heather L. and Mary-Kate Lizotte. 2020. “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling: How Gender Shapes Affective Polarization” American Politics Research

Ondercin Heather L. and Ellen M. Key. 2020, “Introduction to Women’s Political Involvement in the 100 Years since the Nineteenth Amendment” PS: Politics and Political Science

Ondercin, Heather L. and Sarah A. Fulton. 2020 “Bargain Shopping: How Candidate Sex Lowers the Cost of Voting” Politics & Gender. 16(3): 711-737.

Ondercin, Heather L. 2018. “Is it a Chasm? Is it a Canyon? No, it is the Gender Gap” The Forum. 16(4): 611-629.

Ondercin, Heather L. 2017.  “Who’s Responsible for the Gender Gap: The Dynamics of Men’s and Women’s Macropartisanship, 1950-2012.” Political Research Quarterly 70(4): 749-761. 

Title: Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and Justice Studies
Department: Department of Government and Justice Studies

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