Nirmala Erevelles - "Disability, Eco(In)justice, & Transnational Solidarities"

The Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies program presents:

Nirmala Erevelles - "Disability, Eco(In)justice and Transnational Solidarities"

March 18th, 4-5 pm EST

Nirmala Erevelles is Professor of Social and Cultural Studies in Education at the University of Alabama. Her teaching and research interests lie in the areas of disability studies, critical race theory, transnational feminism, sociology of education, and postcolonial studies. Specifically, her research focuses on the unruly, messy, unpredictable and taboo body – a habitual outcast in educational (and social) contexts. Erevelles has published articles in the American Educational Research Journal, Educational Theory, Studies in Philosophy and Education, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Disability & Society, and Disability Studies Quarterly among others. Her book, Disability and Difference in Global Contexts: Towards a Transformative Body Politic was published by Palgrave in 2011 and explores the possibilities and limitations re-theorizing disability using historical materialism in the interdisciplinary contexts of social theory, cultural studies, social and education policy, feminist ethics, and theories of citizenship.This book was awarded the Critic's Choice Award from the American Educational Studies Association.

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