GWS Major Katie Williard awarded Sally A. Callegari Memorial Scholarship

Katie Williard, a sophomore double majoring in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies and Psychology with a minor in Animal Studies, has been awarded the Sally A. Callegari Memorial Scholarship for Gender Diversity in Animal Studies. This scholarship recognizes outstanding scholarship in the humanistic or scientific study of animals that is couched in healthcare and/or advocacy and to provide incentive for students:

  • With demonstrated personal or research experiences of sexism or who demonstrate an interest in the advancement of women in the sciences through their own work/activism

  • and who demonstrate a commitment to ending gender-based discrimination to enter into a profession that includes an interest in the well-being of animals (i.e. veterinary medicine, biology, animal welfare, primatology, etc.).

Katie is so happy to have received the Sally A. Callegari Memorial Scholarship and would like to thank Melanie Turner, Graduate Assistant of the Women's Center for allowing her to express her love for women and ending gender-based discrimination and Dr. Sushmita Chatterjee for igniting her passion in Animal Studies and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies. 

Katie declared her GWS major after taking Dr. Chatterjee’s “Women, Food, Nature” course. Katie says, “This class allowed me to integrate my love for animal studies into a major...we read works by Carol Adams, Vandana Shiva and many other feminists and animal rights advocates that centrally anchored the well-being of animals as the basis for social justice." Katie adds, “I wrote a paper in this class about queer animals, and explored the Zoological Closet, read numerous articles about queer animals, and even came across an exhibit in Norway that showed humans interpretation of how animals are queer, and how we can observe them differently."

Katie volunteers at Appalachian State University’s Women's Center, and enjoys the welcoming and positive environment there. She also loves learning about the inner workings of animals and especially studying queer animals, and hopes to work in an organization that works with animals and people, conducting Animal Assisted Therapy.

The scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis to one student and honors the life and work of Sally A. Callegari (1941-2016), a life-long supporter of animal rights, care and health. The Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences collects applications and conducts the selection process according to established guidelines. To apply, please visit the CAS Scholarships Page.

Appalachian State University’s Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies program is an academic program housed in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Appalachian’s Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies program offers a GWS B.A., an undergraduate and graduate GWS minor, an LGBT Studies minor, a Girls’ Studies minor and a GWS graduate certificate.

Photo of Katie Williard
Published: May 4, 2020 7:23pm