The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs appointed a Task Force to assess the needs of women at the university and to examine Women's Studies at similar schools with state funding.

The Task Force felt Women's Studies needed sufficient financial support and two positions: a Women's Studies part-time or full-time director and a staff coordinator.

The Task Force organized open forum nights to voice the importance of Women's Studies at Appalachian.

Women's Studies courses began to be taught regularly in many departments. The first "Annual Walk for Awareness" for the murdered alumna and staff person Jeni Gray.

Women's Studies finds a new home on the ground floor of East Hall.

Friends of Women's Studies began; hosted a first annual fund-raiser at Jones House in February.

Set up a fund in Appalachian State University Foundation.


A new logo and slogan were established: the biological symbol of the female metamorphosing into a key was developed by Roger Austin, graphic design student at Appalachian State University. The slogan, "Education in a New Key," was developed by Maggie McFadden.


Friends of Women's Studies began as a community-based organization, hosted a fundraiser at Jones House in February; raised $1,540.77. Set up a fund in ASU foundation.


Margot Adler lectured on "Drawing Down the Moon, Women and Spirituality: Demystifying Ritual"


Dr. Elwanda Ingram, Winston-Salem State University, on black women writers

"Feminist Jurisprudence": symposium and panel sponsored by Appalachian Humanities Program, organized and chaired by Dr. Maggie McFadden.


Women's Studies major through IDS department was initiated.

The Office of Women's Concerns became oriented towards campus-wide concerns, received more financial support from the University, and gained greater visibility on campus.

Claudia Koonz lectured on "Feminism, Fascism, and Fundamentalism: Women on the New Right"


Maggie McFadden stepped down as coordinator in 1991; Dr. Cheryl Claassen (anthropology) became acting coordinator. Dr. Maggie McFadden became Fulbright Professor at Institute of Women's Studies, Abo Akademi University, Abo, Finland, in Women's Studies and History.



Dr. Melissa Barth (English) was named acting Women's Studies Director.

Susan L. Cutter, keynote speaker during Women's Week, "Environmental Terrorism: A Feminist Perspective"


December 16: Montreal Remembrance Day


Harvey Durham, Bill Ward, Don Sink, and Kay Smith restructured, repositioned and renamed the Office of Women's Studies as the Office of Women's Concerns.


Dr. Melissa Barth was appointed as Coordinator of the Office of Women's Concerns, this title was handed to director in 1994.


August 28: Mary Anne Maier, author of The Leap Years: Women Reflect on Change, Loss, and Love


February 7: Dr. Elizabeth Muhlenfeld, Mary Chestnut Civil War Diaries


March 1-2: Solveig Bergman, Nordic Coordinator of Women's Studies, Finland, "Women-Friendly Scandinavian States: Paradoxes and Challenges"


April 15-18: SEWSA, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN



February 28: Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X


March 18: Arati Sontakay, reading of Indian feminist play

March 19: Women's Leadership Conference

March 21: Ann Timmons, performer "Off the Wall: Charlotte Perkins Gilman"

March 22: Sisters of the South: A Southern Musical Roots Tour

March 29: Take Back the Night Rally

March 30: Mary Lynn Bryan, Curator/Editor, Jane Addams Papers, "Why Jane Addams?: Editing Women's Papers"


April 13: Hosoya Mitsuko: Japanese Women Today


Gender-Balancing the Curriculum Seminar

September 6: Walk for Awareness, Women Against Violence

September 22: Dr. Sue Rosser, Women in Science, "Female-Friendly Science"


October 6-8: Dr. Jean O'Barr, Director, Women's Studies Duke University


December 6: Remembrance of Montreal Massacre


Campus Women's Collective (CWC) began as a student support network working to improve the situation of women and raise campus awareness of women's issues.


March Panel: "What Can You Do with a Women's Studies Degree?" speakers: former WS graduates, now working in hospital administration, high school history teaching, counseling, and the ministry.

March 22: Dr. Lorraine Getz, UNCC on Women in Philosophy


August 26: 75th Anniversary of Woman Suffrage


September 12: Anita Hill, sexual harassment case

September 22: Clare Prusa (Catherine Smith Gallery)


October 9: bell hooks


December 6: Candlelight Rally in Memory of the Montreal Massacre


The first "Women's Realities": A series of five documentary films in Celebration of Women's History Month 20th Anniversary of Women's Studies at Appalachian.

Reorganization of the Office of Women's Concerns and the establishment of the Equity Office. The Office of Women's Studies becomes a separate, university-wide academic program.


February 2-4: Feminist Expo Trip / DC Appalachian House


March 12: An Evening of Music by Women Composers

March 12-14: SEWSA at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

March 13: Rosellen Brown, author

March 14: Lucy Lippard (Catherine Smith Gallery)

March 19: Dr. Sandy Eagle, "Historical Contributions of Women in Chemistry"

March 28: Dr. Nupur Chauduri, "Women and Early Indian Nationalism"

March 30: Dori Sander, author


December 12: Fund-raiser for the winter Solstice Celebration

Showing of film "Antonia's Line": A Dutch matron establishes and, for several generations, oversees a close-knit, matriarchal community where feminism and liberalism thrive.


NWSA Journal moves to ASU for a six-year term (1997-2003), edited by Professor Maggie McFadden with associate editors Marilyn Smith and Pat Beaver. Later Kim Hall and Kathryn Kirkpatrick became associate editors.

Lee Williams organizes a planning committee of students, faculty, and staff for a Women's Center on campus.

Dr. Sandie Gravett (Philosophy & Religion) becomes Director of Women's Studies.

Women's Studies establishes a Web page.

Centennial Celebration Project: "Women at Appalachian: A Look Into the Past, A Step Into the Future"

Women's Leadership Conference

Walk for Awareness

Take Back the Night

Film, "Out in Suburbia"

Julia Alvarez: Fiction author, poetry reading, book signing

Felicity Hill: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, "Feminism and Activism"

Karmen Jalencic, Bowery Productions: "On the making of the film 'Calling the Ghosts: A Story about Rape, War, and Women'"

Helen Thomas: UPI Reporter, White House correspondent since the Kennedy administration


March 18: Dr. Carol Stack, Director, Women's Studies, UC-Berkeley

March 20: 2nd Annual Symposium on Women's History: "Women Across Cultures"

Keynote Address: Dr. Margaret Ripley Wolfe, Department of History, East Tennessee State University "'If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy': Ambivalent Lives, Women's History, and the Patriarchal South"

Panel 1: Interpreting Aphra Behn Rosanna Hopper, Courtney Lutz, LaMonda Horton, and Amy Walter

Panel 2: Discovering Women's Voice Candace Brennan, "'Mourning Everlastingly': Florence Nightingale and Christina Rossetti" Bryan Rothwell, "Reclaiming Voice: The Color Purple and Their Eyes Were Watching God"

Panel 3: Women Breaking New Ground Lisa McGurk, "Women at Appalachian State University, 1939 – 1949" Alexandra Atkins, "Motherhood in a Feminist Era" Jennifer Sloan, "The Mother of Modern Chemistry: Marie Anne Pierette Paulze Lavoisier"

Panel 4: Interpreting Southern Women Elizabeth Hardy, "Southern Women Readers During the War Between the States" Georgia Rhoades, "Mermaids and Slaveowners: A Family History"

March 25-26: play, "Pope Joan: The Hiss of the Snake" is the story of the first and only woman pope. Set in 855, the play tells of Joan's education disguised as a male, her rise to power in the Vatican and her love affair and exposure by a jealous clergy. Written by Georgia Rhoades.

Jackson Katz: nationally known activist and writer on issues of masculinity, media, sport, and men's violence against women


Dr. Rosemarie Tong (Davidson College): "Feminist Approaches to Biomedical Ethics"


November 14-16: National Editorial Board of NWSA Journal meets at ASU to make publicity and policy decisions


The Women's Center opens at the Student Union


March 21: Women's Leadership Conference: "The 90's and Beyond"

Dr. Maggie McFadden presented "The Woman Question in Western Thought," featuring the stories of foremothers who unified and enabled us to move into the next millennium

Dr. Margaret Polson, the Women Artist's Network "Why Network?" including a panel with Anne Burgess, Orna Bentor, Karen Swing, Barbara Timberman

Dr. Stella Anderson, "The Balancing Act," a learning session on balancing work/career with personal/family life

Dr. Thalia Coleman, "Rocking the Cradle and Ruling the Race," an overview of women's influence on American Society

Dr. Eva Hyatt, "Dispelling the Myth of the Ideal Woman," focus on the media literacy skills needed to question images of "ideal" women


The Women's Studies Program sponsored "Moonbelly." The performance piece involved sponsoring a guest artist to come in and work with 10 of our women students for one week culminating in two performances. Approximately $265 was raised for the Women's Studies Development account and the performance received excellent reviews on both evenings.


Drs. Sandie Gravett and Neva Specht co-wrote a Centennial grant and received $2,000.

Louise Bernikow-author, activist "The Shoulders We Stand On: Women as the Agents of Change."


March 15: Carolyn Merchant, "Women, Nature, and the Reinvention of Eden"


April 30-May 1: Dr. Specht taught a Public History Course on the 4000 level to create the exhibit and symposium, "Roots of the Past, Seeds of the Future."


September 24: Poets Nikky Finney and Kyle Thompson


October 1: Eleanora Tate: Children's novelist

October 8: Judy Bacca, "World Without Walls"


December 3: Carolyn Beard Whitlow, author of Wild Meat



Dr. Sandie Gravett and her student assistant, Angela Parker, developed and printed a new Women's Studies Program brochure.


September 16: Lee Smith, a creative writing professor at North Carolina State University and author of Oral History, Saving Grace, Fair and Tender Ladies, The Devil's Dream, and News of the Spirit

September 22: Elena Featherston, "Towards a Multicultural Society"

September 23: Sue Ellen Bridgers: award-winning author of adolescent fiction in rural North Carolina


November 10: Carolyn Chute, author of The Beans of Egypt, Maine, Letourneau's Used Auto Parts, and Merry Men