• Women's Studies helped bring Gloria Steinem to campus, March 1981; student group AWS (Association of Women Students) was instrumental.
  • Organization on the Status of Women provided financial support for film rentals for programs of interest to women; supported Women's Week activities.


  • September: First Women's Studies newsletter, became monthly in 1982.


  • Organization on the Status of Women sponsored talk by Margaret "Pinky" Hayden, NC House of Representatives
  • Influenced revision of ASU policies regarding the Appointment of "Quasi-Administrative" Faculty Positions
  • Co-sponsored Leadership Development Conference with Center for Instructional Development.


  • February: OASIS begins 24 hour crisis line.


  • Women's Studies newsletter becomes monthly.
  • Organization on the Status of Women sponsored a talk by Faye Broyhill, Chairperson of the Appalachian Board of Trustees. Formed Committee to Study Child Care Facilities at Appalachian which conducted a study and developed a report that was influential in expanding options for child care at Appalachian (OSW).
  • Continued support for Women's Week (OSW).
  • Supported a study of Non-traditional Students at Appalachian to determine their needs. This study resulted in the formation of a university task force on Non-traditional Students (OSW).
  • Co-sponsored a workshop on Ethics and Values in Higher Education with the Philosophy and Religion Department and the CID (OSW).


  • Organization on the Status of Women developed a questionnaire on sex discrimination at ASU.


  • Maggie McFadden received quarter time release and quarter time grad assistant.
  • Women's Studies consisted of:
    • Maggie McFadden-quarter time coordinator
    • Brian Anderson-work-study student editor of the newsletter, then Kim Duckett-quarter time graduate assistant
  • Women's Studies has an office in D.D. Dougherty.
  • A proposal was written recommending a half-time coordinator and staff with a budget and physical space for an office-It was not approved.


  • Organization on the Status of Women supported a study by Dr. Joyce Crouch on rank and salary among men and women at Appalachian State University; inequities were noted.
  • Influential in the name change of the "Mountaineer Babes." (OSW)
  • Speakers/Visitors:
    • Carol Wehunt-Serigraphs, Lithographs, Watercolors, and Soft Sculpture Exhibit. (1/24-2/8)
    • Miriam Schapiro-College Paintings and prints exhibit, Lecture. (4/1-10)


  • Women's Studies student writing contest was started with cash prizes.


  • Organization on the Status of Women co-sponsored a seminar on Sexual Harassment with the Boone Business and Professional Women's Club and the local chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma.
  • Speakers/Visitors:
    • Linda Burgess-Paintings Exhibit. (9/21-10/30)
    • Laurie Triplett-Lecture, Slide Presentation. (11/7)
    • Deanna Napoli-Landscape Workshop, Coordinator. (7/7-18)


  • Dr. Zohara Boyd (English) served as acting coordinator of Women's Studies, while Maggie McFadden was on leave.
  • Speakers/Visitors:
    • Kathleen Jardin-Human Images, Artists Slide Lecture.
    • Margaret Cusack-slide lecture. (2/18).
    • Bonnie Lucas-Gallery Talk, workshop, slide lecture, Foundations class demonstration (2/24-25).
    • Mary Beth Boone, Barbara Layne-slide lecture. (3/4)
    • OSW inactive.


  • Speakers/Visitors:
    • Jean Cousins, Michele Cousins-photography-group exhibit. (7/27-9/10)
    • Nancy Miller-paintings, drawings, sculptures by New York artists-Forum Series Lecture. (9/10-10/8)
    • Constance Alford-"Abstraction" group exhibit. (12/9-2/5)
    • Catherine Dunn, Elyse Littenburg, Janice Pittsley, Nancy Spero-Women Artists. (2/7-3/18).
    • Jane Horner-Paintings and Drawings-Expo Invitational. (5/6-6/17)


  • The University community recognized a need for a Women's Center-Was not established.
  • Women's Studies began as part of IDS and General College in 1976.
  • Women's Studies and IDS moved to the College of Arts and Sciences in 1988.


  • Organization on the Status of Women program on campus community led by Sally Atkins
  • Program on faculty salaries led by Joyce Crouch.
  • Speakers/Visitors
    • Karen Mobley, Ann Schulte, Catherine Shepherd, Sheila Pitt, Taffy Beasley, Sharon Harper, Cathryn Griffin-Figurative Artists Exhibition. (9/28-10/28)
    • Roberta Crown, Niva Marshall, Wendy Miller, Alice Pike, Carla * Rodia, Diana Scott, Mary Lou Stewart-Pattern Revival Exhibit. (11/9-12/16)
    • Pamela Becker, Ann Rowles, Marita Dingus, Mary Sayder Behvens, Betty LaDuke-Women Artists Exhibit. (2/15-3/24)
    • Mary LaDuke-lecture. (2/27)


  • Women's Studies office moves to the first floor of East Hall.
  • October-"Take Back Our Lives/Take Back the Night"
  • March: organized and publicized march, along with a handful of students; attendance by over 1000 persons; petitions signed by 500.
  • OSW once again inactive due to overwhelming apathy shown for efforts of 1987-88.
  • November: Women's Studies Open House


  • WS Newsletter published four-times per year.
  • Speakers/Visitors:
    • April Greiman-Society of Illustrators Exhibition (Artist). (10/11-11/10)
    • Mary Lou Wood-Women in Visual Art Exhibition. (2/22-2/23)