• Organization on the Status of Women to support inquiry into issues concerning faculty women at ASU.
  • "I Woman" symposium sponsored local speakers and Dr. Mildred Keene, candidate for US Senate (Organization on the Status of Women--OSW).


  • Organization on the Status of Women sponsored a committee to study faculty salaries at ASU with Dr. Patricia Gaynor as chairperson (the first of several such studies made under the auspices of OSW).
  • "Creative Career Development for Women" professional development symposium (OSW).
  • The Counseling Center helped support and establish a Women's Resource Center. Groups offered in the Counseling center included: Assertiveness Training group, Female Consciousness Raising Group, Human Sexuality Workshops, Personal Growth Groups for Women, Groups on Eating Disorders, Rape Awareness and Prevention, Relationship and Spirituality, etc.
  • Maggie McFadden hired to teach in Watauga College and to teach a Women's Studies course


  • Maggie McFadden taught course, "Southern Women Writers"
  • Other Women's Studies courses in Anthropology, English, Sociology


  • Organization on the Status of Women advocated elimination of sexist language in Appalachian State University Summer School Contracts and sponsored a faculty salary survey.
  • November. Founding Conference of South Eastern Regional Women's Studies Association, Atlanta (SEWSA), Maggie McFadden one of the "Founding Mothers"
  • Women's Studies begins as an ad hoc committee with the following members:
    • Pat Beaver-Anthropology
    • Sherry Edwards-Art
    • Allie Funk-Sociology
    • Lucy Brashear-English
    • Helena Lewis-History
    • Maggie McFadden-Interdisciplinary Studies
  • First Women's Studies co-chairs:
    • Helena Lewis-History
    • Maggie McFadden-Interdisciplinary Studies 

1977-78, 1978-1979

No office, no staff, no released time, no Women's Center


  • Women's Studies met monthly, often at the home of Helena Lewis.
  • Women's Studies published brochures, fall and spring, "Women's Studies Courses and Resources at ASU": course list and women's organizations and resources in the area.
  • Organization on the Status of Women participated in active support of North Carolinians United for ERA.
  • Feb. Dr. Karen Baldwin, ECU, on Appalachian Women
  • February: Southeastern Women's Studies Assn at ETSU, Johnson City, TN
  • Implementation of IDS Women's Studies Minor: 15 credit hours: First year had 5 minors.
  • Women's Studies Minor passed by AP&P in spite of the remark, "when will we have Men's Studies". (Answer: "We've had Men's Studies all our lives.")
  • Grant from Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education and the Modern Language Assn, "Teaching Women's Literature from a Regional Perspective—Appalachia": course and events on Appalachian Women, Maggie McFadden and Pat Beaver, instructors. Year-long grant included publishing student writing and oral history interviews.


  • Sept. 27-29: Women and Power Conference, headed by Dr. Joan Terry, Dept. of Home Economics, and Organization on the Status of Women; outside speaker from the University of Michigan. One of first big events, attended by many from around the region.
  • Women's Studies faculty sponsored Women's Week programs.
  • Organization on the Status of Women sponsored several workshops/discussion groups.