Congratulations 2020-21 GWS Frances Holland Black Scholarship recipients!

Join us in congratulating our 2020-2021 GWS Frances Holland Black Scholarship recipients.

Alex Bandong (they/them) is a sophomore double majoring in GWS and Psychology. Alex describes what they intend to do with the scholarship: "The work I intend to do with this scholarship is with the Lavender Languages Institute (LLI), a ten day summer workshop with online courses and discussion sessions. At LLI, I will be developing a research project specifically on the topic of queer language and its political frames. I will be answering these questions: What makes language queer? How does queer language disturb hegemonic language codes within a political structure? What kind of theories/activisms can we design from queer languages that will make more political freedom possible? Lastly, by attending this workshop and creating this research project, I will ultimately be helping myself develop my future capstone project for GWS with a focus on language and identity."

Myfawny Hull is a senior from Hickory, North Carolina finishing a major in English Secondary Education and starting in the department’s accelerated graduate program while completing a nonprofit administration certificate.  She has a professional background in music, theatre, and writing.  Her goal with the Frances Holland Black Scholarship is to gain support for an artist-in-residency program at Appalachian State University. Myfawny’s intention is to provide a university-supported and funded opportunity for underrepresented students to construct creative and scholarly texts of their own design without the constraints of school, work, or lack of funds.  This summer, she will undertake a “proof of concept” for this opportunity with her own project, a young adult novel that brings to light social and environmental issues.  Myfawny wants to use her writing to expose injustice and motivate others not only to acknowledge problems but also to act before it is too late.  She is very grateful to the Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies program for recognizing the importance of her work. 

Many thanks to the GWS Frances Holland Black Scholarship Committee comprised of Gayle Turner, Anastacia Schulhoff, Rayane Amrani, and Sushmita Chatterjee.

Appalachian State University's Gender, Women's, and Sexuality program is an academic program housed in the Department of Interdiscplinary Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies program offers a GWS B.A., an undergraduate and graduate GWS minor, and LGBT Studies minor, a Girls' Studies minor, and a GWS graduate certificate.  

Published: Apr 30, 2021 7:28pm